Working with me

My consulting practice helps small consumer tech startups define and achieve product-market fit. 

After 10+ years in product leadership, I’ve found that innovation flourishes when supported by constraint, measurement, and commitment to results. I’m here to create those supports, to grow teams and grow with them, and to deliver. I love working with founders and small teams to break down the organization’s needs into high-value, measurable outcomes. Things like:

  • MVP requirements – and reasons. Launching a high-quality MVP on time requires a crisp, prioritized list of requirements. I can help with that. I can also help you with the juicier stuff: What does success look like? What’s our Plan B? Do we need a product at all? How can we parallelize our learning? 
  • Just enough process. “Process” gets a bad rap but I find that the right amount of structure can have a liberating effect on product development teams. I’ve deployed tried-and-true systems like Agile and kanban. I’ve also helped teams establish rituals that are appropriate for the specific needs of the team. I love working with ed-tech, fin-tech, bio-tech, etc-tech organizations in which the challenge – and the opportunity – is to synthesize methodologies from different domains.
  • Hiring your first PM – or not. Making your first product hire can be ridiculously difficult. I can help you with job descriptions, recruiting and interviewing, and plenty of introspection. I can also help you defer your first PM hire by unpacking the role and empowering your team with many of the skills effective product managers bring to the table. 

Let's talk!

The first thing I like to do with clients is run a full-day workshop. These tend to be quite valuable, not only in helping us align on timeline and deliverables, but in giving teams insights and actionable next steps.

I’d love to hear from you: // 914.393.4990