The Product Review (AKA Roast my MVP)

Getting high-quality critical feedback on your product can be immensely valuable. Let us count the ways:

Cure tunnel vision. It's *so* hard to look at your own thing with fresh eyes. Getting a neutral point of view can reveal new possibilities and unknown unknowns.
Shorten your learning loops. Customer feedback is essential. It also takes a lot of time, is super noisy, and rarely points to a solution. High-quality feedback from a product expert can cut through all that in a fraction of the time.
Hone your product sense. Processing feedback helps you strengthen your muscles around product intuitions and decision-making.

I'd love to offer you expert feedback on your MVP or new product initiative. I'll do it with my trademark blend of candor, insight, humor, and kindness.

Your investment: $320

Request a Product Review

Current turnaround time: 2-3 business days

What to expect from the Product Review:

  • Tailored feedback: When you make your request, I'll ask you to direct me in a few ways: what you want me to pay attention to, what you'd like me to ignore, and what hats you'd like me to wear (product expert, marketer, customer, investor...)
  • Video walkthrough: I'll record myself using your product and narrating my experience as I go.
  • Product scorecard: I'll round up key points in a scorecard organized around critical product pillars like activation, retention, and referral.
  • Executive summary. I'll sum it all up in one slide so you and your team have an artifact to quickly refer back to.
  • Additional support. If my feedback opens something up for you that you want additional support on, I'll jump on the phone with you to explore what that could look like.

Who the Product Review is for:

  • Founders of early stage startups, bootstrapped or earlier than Series A
  • Product leaders trying to validate a new initiative within their startup

About your Product Reviewer:

Nick Barr has been delivering product crits since 2011, when Gary Chou and Christina Cacioppo launched the Product Sessions out of Union Square Ventures. He's offered hundreds of product reviews since then, both as a coach and a mentor within the Union Square Ventures, Techstars, and Betaworks ecosystems.

Nick's own highlights as a product builder include winning Product Hunt's Product of the Year (for Slash Keyboard) and hitting #1 on the iPad App Store (for DrawQuest).

More about Nick's background here.