Leadership Coaching

Tonight, as you get ready for bed, reflect back on your day and call to mind the moments you were proudest of.

Maybe you were really focused at work, and found yourself in flow, effortlessly doing what needed to be done.

Or maybe you navigated a really tough conversation with grace, surprising yourself with the compassion you showed someone who you normally have conflict with.

Or you listened to an inner voice that too often goes unheard, and you did something creative, or asked for help, or just took a much-needed break.

These were moments of leadership. We all have a few of them a day. Just noticing this is a great start.

Now: what if we could live every moment of our lives in leadership? What would that look like? How would that feel? What could we accomplish?

That's how I want to live. And I love coaching and serving other people who want to live that way, too. It's deep, challenging, confronting work. It's also profoundly rewarding, healing, and transformative.

If you feel called to move more fully into a leadership role, one that integrates all aspects of your life, then I would love to connect with you. All engagements start the same way: with an exploratory chat where we can get to know each other better and create a roadmap for our work together.

I’ve been told that these conversations alone can be helpful for uncovering obstacles, and coming up with practical steps for removing them. Plus they’re free – so I highly encourage you to reach out.

You can grab time with me here, or reach out over email: nsbarr@gmail.com.

Questions you might have

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