I help founders of mission-driven tech startups grow their personal and collective impact.

My practice is built on all three pillars of my career:

Operator. I had a 15-year career as a founder and product leader at venture-backed and non-profit startups. My last company helped unlock $100 million in funding for young people tackling the world's wicked problems.

Strategic advisor. I've advised and mentored dozens of startups within the Union Square Ventures, Betaworks, and Techstars networks since 2011.

Coach. My coaching practice is informed by the methods that helped me most: Internal Family Systems, the Enneagram, Tibetan Buddhism, Positive Intelligence, and most importantly, open-hearted listening. My own coaching journey has unfolded thanks to the help of the many guides in my life – coaches, healers, mentors, and spiritual teachers. I will complete my coaching training in early 2024 through Upbuild.

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Working together

I offer a few different engagement models that vary in depth and duration. Those include 1:1 Coaching, Embedded Strategic Advising,‍ and ‍Portfolio Support.

‍All engagements start the same way: with an informal chat where we can get to know each other better and discover if there's a fit.

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Recent publications

Enhancing Self-Therapy with Internal Family Systems and AI

Most therapeutic modalities don’t come with a user manual — Internal Family Systems (IFS) is different. This makes it a promising candidate for AI-powered practice, and I document my own findings here.

Building complex reasoning skills online through open-ended activities

At Khan Academy, we worked closely with teachers to prototype a new kind of learning platform that delivered rapid feedback on open-ended learning activities.

Illuminating the Inner Triangle

The Inner Triangle is a method for bringing more clarity and freedom to decision-making by getting to know the three inner stakeholders involved in any situation where you feel torn.
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