The Product-Market Fit Intensive

The PMF Intensive is a half-day 1:1 consultation designed for founders of early-stage startups who want help getting on the path to product-market fit.

You'll walk away with a solid strategic roadmap for efficiently validating your key hypotheses around your customer, the problem you're trying to solve, and your unique value proposition.

The biggest risk for any early-stage startup is working on the wrong thing. We'll work together to create a roadmap that ensures you're answering the right questions in the right order, and making fabulous decisions based on what you learn. This roadmap will be your light in the dark, and help you avoid those painful wait-what-are-we-even-doing crises that can plague startups in their early months.

There's a ton of information out there about finding product-market fit. But resources alone aren’t enough – you want expertise; a thought partner; someone who’s done it before and can help you look around corners.

That's what the PMF Intensive is for. It's a half-day that will help de-risk a half-year!

Your investment: $680

Apply by November 6

6 Intensives available

Who the PMF Intensive is for:

  • Founders of early stage startups, bootstrapped or earlier than Series A
  • Product leaders trying to validate a new initiative within their startup

What to expect from the PMF Intensive:

  • No pre-work: I'll ask you for any relevant documentation, but I won't ask you to do any homework for the intensive. Just come energized and ready to go :)
  • Structured, but flexible. I'll have a general outline and facilitate sessions, but I will let the specific needs of your organization guide us.
  • Hands-on. We want you to walk away with an actionable plan, so we'll spend time co-designing in various tools – mostly Figma, Notion, and/or Google Sheets.

About Nick's PMF chops:

Nick Barr is a founder, coach, and product leader who’s pursued product-market fit in a bunch of contexts: as the co-founder of a VC-backed startup; within Khan Academy’s R&D lab; as an independent consultant. He’s experienced the glory of finding fit (winning Product Hunt’s Product of the Year, hitting #1 on the App Store) and the heartbreak of not finding it (winding down a company).

He’s also advised many other startups seeking product-market fit, both as a coach and a mentor within the Union Square Ventures, Techstars, and Betaworks ecosystems. Nick’s experiences have led him to believe in the importance of context and the fallacy of one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why he created the Product Market Fit Intensive.