Basic weirdness

Chogyam Trungpa talks about basic goodness:

Every human being has a basic nature of goodness, which is undiluted and unconfused…

It is not just an arbitrary idea that the world is good, but it is good because we can experience its goodness. We can experience our world as healthy and straightforward, direct and real, because our basic nature is to go along with the goodness of situations. The human potential for intelligence and dignity is attuned to experiencing the brilliance of the bright blue sky, the freshness of green fields, and the beauty of the trees and mountains. We have an actual connection to reality that can wake us up and make us feel basically, fundamentally good. Shambhala vision is tuning in to our ability to wake ourselves up and recognize that goodness can happen to us. In fact, it is happening already.

There’s also basic weirdness. Basic weirdness is the way things get stranger the more we come to know them. The way my partner is the most mysterious person in my life. The way the more I know about COVID-19, the more questions I have. As Morton puts it: “Increasing science is not increasing demystification.”

“Let’s get weird!” Generally we think of weirdness as subversion; a process of transforming the normal. Basic weirdness says the truth is weirder than that: things were never normal in the first place.